Motion senser in dark room

Hi, I am new to this forum and just started to install all the smartthings devices. I have a question on the motion senser in a dark room, I have the senser in a sunroom about 7’ high on a shelf, I have a sliding door on one side and a passage door on the other. I notice that when the room is completely dark (night) it does not show motion. Do I have it too high? I put this senser in the room to alert me of an intrusion. Thanks in advance.

The motion sensor is based on detecting heat, so light shouldn’t make any difference.

I would check its got a clear like of site and it’s battery level.


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Thank you. I do know the battery is good, so I will try it again tonight. This is my second day of setting this up so I am sure I will have more questions.
Thanks again


Sorry to be a bother, but my wife and I went away for a weekend around 10:30 at night I started to get messages saying morion dector dected an intruder. It did this every minute for hours (it was a false alarm) MD is in a sunroom with a lot of windows, I have it about 6.5’ on a wall kiddie cornered so it is facing across the room. Is there anyway to correct this problem? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Have you recently enabled OTA Updates?

There is a bug in it at the moment that while they are updating the firmware they go mad with alerts. There are lots of posts saying the same thing at the moment.

I’ve had the same thing, support informed me to switch off OTA Updates from the IDE and turn off he hub for 20 minutes to resolve.

If you haven’t enabled these, it could be battery level. Treat anything below 70% as dead as SmartThings is notoriously bad at battery levels

Massively quick heat change also effects Motion Sensors, so don’t point them at a radiator or AC unit. It could confuse them (why they don’t work outdoors, clouds passing over the sun sets them off)

If that doesn’t resolve, get in contact with support ASAP - they will be able to do further digging and find out what’s going on for you.

Hope this helps


Just another thought, if this is happening regular you could help resolve this by having two motion sensors in the same room and then load a SmartApp called Zone Director (I think - @JDRoberts is that right? Your the font of all knowledge)

When that app loaded, it will require BOTH sensors to detect motion before alerting you - cuts down on false alarms loads. Exactly what I’m looking to do over the next few months when I buy loads more sensors.


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Zone Manager. :sunglasses:

Remember you can always use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki to find something that you can’t quite remember the name of. In this case, you would look in the smartapp section under sensors.

Thanks it just updated last week. I will try unplugging the hub to see if that corrects it. My battery life is at 78%. Thanks again