Motion senors just disappeared from things list?

Anyone else ever have an issue where devices just disappeared from your account? I have two Fibaro motion sensors and they are no longer appearing in my account. They were there a day or two ago and I know they worked because one of them turned on some lights in our living room.

They are just gone…and I didn’t do anything.

I opened a ticket with support already, but I as just checking with everyone to see if I’m alone on this one.

Fibaros are still there in older dashboard as well as SHM. Time to create a support ticket?

No, I don’t mean because of the UI change, I meant they are no longer listed as devices in my account, even in the IDE!

It’s still there under my things as well as rooms… Here is one under things in the new app: family room motion sensor. Didn’t check the IDE though and assuming it’s there else it won’t be here…

Or may be I am misunderstanding you??!

And if you are trying to add one in the new app. It is still there…

The devices are no longer there…anywhere. Either under Things in the App or, more importantly, in My Devices in the IDE. The devices have been seemingly removed from my system…even though I have not done anything. I don’t have a v2 yet, so no changes to my system.

I hope support will be of help. :frowning: weird. Really weird.

Have you logged out of the app or restarted the app? Maybe it’s a glitch on your end…

It’s not just the app. They don’t show up in the IDE.

I;m a little concerned that it has been over 4 days since I replied to their reply and I still have no response or explanation. I realize that v2 just launched, so I wanted to see what response times others were seeing.

I’ve seen some indication that app state is not persisting reliably and @JDRoberts had a few devices disappearing and reappearing. It almost feels like synchronization issue between different servers.

@JDRoberts - were your devices disappearing only from the app or were they also disappearing from the IDE? My two Fibaro motion sensors are just gone, period. Support told me to re-pair them, but I want to know why they disappeared in the first place. It’s one thing to have SmartApps not fire, its something completely different for devices to disappear from accounts, including from all SmartApps they were attached to.

Mine didn’t actually disappear, they just kept changing device type. It was really weird. I wasn’t doing anything, but the device type changed all together four times over 10 days. Always the same device, the centralite zigbee outlet that they were having problems with echo recognizing. Bizarre.

Late to the thread…but have what I believe to be the same issue. I have a monoprice motion sensor that mysteriously disappeared from both the application and IDE. Oddly, it still triggers the smartapps associated with it and the logs even capture the name of the device! However, apart from that, there are no other references to the device anywhere else. All my other monoprice sensors function/appear as expected.

So…to the support queue I go. But, as the original poster said, I would definitely like to know WHY this happens and get some assurance of what’s being done to ensure it doesn’t happen again…

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Support was actually un-helpful in this instance. I don’t think they understood that the devices disappeared everywhere and no longer triggered anything. The two motion sensors were in multiple SmartApps, so it would be difficult for me to remove them manually…I think I would remember removing two sensors from 3-4 SmartApps a piece! :smile:

And yes, you are right, I’m much more concerned why this happened from a future standpoint. I couldn’t wait for Support to understand what the issue was and I re-added the devices myself.

Same thing happening with my smartthings motion and door sensors, disappearing one by one over the last several days. They don’t function in automation either. I have rebooted my ST hub as well as attempting to repair z wave network but it hasn’t helped.