Motion PIR to Camera record

I want to use a Z-wave Motion PIR sensor (This sensor is not used on Alarm) to trigger my Samsung Smart Camera (Camera is already on Smartthings and works great with Alarm Function.) I could not find a smart app to do this, but did find a routine which says when motion is detected will turn on the camera. However when motion is detected it does nothing, so what exactly the turn on camera thing is?

Does any one know of a way I can make this work as I have a secure area that I want to monitor, but do not want the camera on all the time as movement is in that area and it would just record non stop.

Suggestions please :slight_smile:

I found that I can do it in Smart Home monitor. I always though this could only be used once, but I guess you can use it many times.

This does work but saves the files in the Home Monitor history, I wish it saved it to the camera which it does not for some reason.