Motion Lighting

Sorry I can’t really help you with this, this has nothing to do with the app.

No worries, just hoping someone else may have been in a similar situation and came across a solution. Thank you.

hey bruce, is there any way to get the slave to follow the master dimming level when you adjust the master dimming level?

i have my office lights turning on the den lights, but when i adjust the dim level, the den lights don’t follow the office [master] level.

Hi there!

Can you tell me if this has the ability to not affect lights that are all ready on? (So if lights are off, and motion detected, turn on. But if lights are already on, do nothing)

If so then it is my dream come true. I have been fighting with Core on this for weeks now. Core has the function, but it fails constantly.


Hi @bravenel, I have exactly the same question as @cael…is there a way for this app to NOT affect lights that are already on? If not, would it be possible to add that capability? (I saw that you had laid out the basic logic in a separate thread)

Hi @rogerg, this is quite an old discussion and the original author unfortunately hasn’t been around since June. You might want to consider other alternatives like CoRE (community members can help in the discussion specifically about peer assistance), or you can attempt to modify the original code.

Cant thank you enough!