Motion events and state all stupid for the last two days?

Anybody having issues currently, or for the last two days with motion events and motion detector state being all wonky?
Events aren’t being delivered to all subscribed smart apps.
Apps that just look at the current state of motion don’t have the correct state…
WTH… But it’s all good right?


I have experienced the same issues. It started yesterday for me.

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Do you really want me to prove it again that it’s all good…ha, ha sorry man, you tripped into my shoes somehow. I know it sucks!

On a serious note, are your sensors the fibaro ones, because those are giving me grief.

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Ugh for you. Been fine for me.

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System has faltered for me as well, in the last two days.

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Is this getting better now or still having issues? I think this is just going to get worse as a bunch of people get SmartThings for Xmas and turn it on.

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I’ve got fibaros, Iris, ST2’s and 3’s, doesn’t seem to be picking on any particular ones, 36 in total.
It’s just been pear shaped with motion over the past two days.

My local zigbees are acting normal, the cloud ones are being a pain…

Yea, I have a mix, it’s the cloud stuff that’s ganked, unfortch, that’s most of my stuff…
This issue is a bit different though, events go late, latency varies, but this is the first time I recall when the platform has been up (not imploded) where events are flat out not delivered…

I’ve got two SmartThings brand motion sensors, two different generations, both have been missing events on and off for the last two days.

Yup, and there it is, Merry Christmas


I’ve had to unplug my alarm. The home mode is active and when doors are opened it trips the alarm. Been unplugged for several days now.

All of my zigbee light bulbs (8x GE Link) have stopped working from 24/Dec. All zwave switches and motion detection working normally though. I figured it was a Christmas hack on Samsung.

I had to reset the two routines that set SHM this week. It wouldn’t disarm. Nuisance push messages was the only annoyance.

My smart things motion sensor and presence fob have been wonky for several days now.

Tried a new battery in the fob with no luck.

Removed and reseated the battery in the motion sensor with no luck either.

Are others still experiencing trouble?