Motion Detector Gone

Going on 24 hours and it is still connected. I took it back out and installed it a little while ago. It is outside and it is cold today so will see if that has some affect. Maybe changing the DTH did the trick. Although not sure why.

did you ever open a support case. This is a known backend issue

Yes I Did. They wanted to look at the logs when it was connected. So I let them know it was connected. Haven’t heard anything further.

Well, it lasted a couple weeks this time. But now its gone again. I guess I’ll replace it with something else.

These devices can be flakey. Have you used Z-Wave exclusion at all? This includes removing any Z-Wave device or activating General Device Exclusion in the app? Either of these actions can cause a malfunctioning Z-Wave node to drop off, even when you’re not commanding it. Mine did this for a while too, in my case it was a range issue which I fixed.

There’s also a firmware update released back in December. They’ve updated the Z-Wave library which could potentially bring behavioral changes that might address your particular issue.

I have not done any Z wave exclusions or removals. I’m pretty sure I have the latest firmware. I can understand a connection issue, but when it totally disappears is whats strange.

The firmware was released only 3 weeks ago, if you did not upgrade it by connecting it to a PC, then it has not been done. You should try that as your next step in troubleshooting.

But how can a device remove itself?

It shouldn’t happen but it can anytime one of the following actions occur; removing any Z-Wave device, activating general device exclusion, using “repair device” feature, and running Z-Wave repair. These devices appear to be particularly sensitive to this although mine has not dropped in over 6 months now.

I understand what you are saying, but I haven’t removed any Z-Wave devices, done any Repair device or Z-Wave repair.

This unit was in operation for several months with no problems. Then one day it just disappeared. I had a hard time getting it re-added. Finally got it added and it lasted one day before disappearing again. This repeated itself a couple times. Then it finally stayed listed and this time lasted about 2 weeks. I know for sure I didn’t do any other removals or anything that many times.

Again , my main point is I don’t think a device should just disappear. I can understand it losing connection, but as with other devices it just doesn’t work. It doesn’t disappear entirely from the ST things list.

I did contact support, but never heard any results.