Motion detector don't trigger wall plug

today is not a good day, working from home and all sorts of motion lighting is failing, seems to be the ones running local on V2

hmm Mike, are you saying it relies on a backend infrastructure for some of those commands to be interpreted correctly - even though they should be “local” ?

Exactly the same here. When I link it to philips hue, it works fine but not the plug lamps

only theorizing here since there’s no new release notes on a hub or any platform updates.
I’ve seen both mess with local app execution, i don’t feel like rebooting my hub at the moment, but that may clear this up.

Rebooted mine twice, nothing

Possibly unrelated, but Echo integration is also not working as of this afternoon (Amazon Echo not working)

I performed a reboot as well as complete re-setup - same results - actually quite shocked to see this very simple task to fail - it surely cant be more than a simple case expression to be implemented …

My working perfectly fine till yesterday, nothing change on rules all any other setup, just stop working (motion don’t trigger outlets)

Just try reboot hub - no luck still same
Reset outlet (factory reset) and fresh setup - no luck

Any ideas guys?

Rebooting or factory reset ?

I rebooted 3 times. Nothing changed. Was working perfectly this morning but suddenly doesn’t on the power outlets only, Hue and music are perfect. Hope it sorts itself

Must be fix itself, same story with my ss, only plugs stops working , as I said I try to reset and factory reset for one of my outlet .

We will se tomorrow.

In the same boat here as well. My motions do nothing on first motion. If I wait till motion resets and then set it off right away my lights turn on. Very odd if its not one thing it’s another.

Apparently some emails went out from smartthings informing us that there’s an issue right now…

finaly , maybe they fix that soon its annoying

I am seeing a mess with cloud execution. hue lights work, but three of my devices stubbornly wont work at all, the smartapps dont even attempt to switch them AFAIK from the logs.

they are 2x Aeon 1.5kw Relays, and a Yale Keyless Lock

ouch. i am hoping it is related to the outage, otherwise i dont know how to resolve…ive tried everything :slight_smile:

Just received this reply…

Hi Russ

Thanks for getting in touch - your ticket went to US support, your message has now made it back across the pond to the UK support team. This issue has just started trending following yesterdays platform update. We are currently investigating it, please bear with me I will update you as soon as I know more.

Best Regards


Good , hope so they fix problem soon

Great, there was a platform update, that it seems has fixed TTS. would be great for them to announce platform updates and the changes they provide. it didn’t register why a TTS rule fired this morning for the first time.

communication is definitely ST’s weak point. they must feel damned if they do and damned if they don’t, but announcing a platform update is just good manners so we can correlate our issues and attribute them potentially to that. I have spent hours this morning troubleshooting my rules and devices which are failing.

yupppi !! Back to normal , working for me now !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all ,

Problem back again. Motion sensor don’t working at this moment