Motion Detector app

I’m looking for a motion detector app that will do the following:

I Have 3 motion detectors (1 on each floor of the house) and I’m looking for a motion detector app that will bypass SMS or push notifications if movement is first detected on a particular motion detector.

For example, when ST is set to “Good night” mode if someone goes downstairs during the night for a glass of water I do not want to be notified, however, if any of the motion detectors is triggered first then, I do want to be notified.

Does such app exist or can someone create one please?

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I can do this… Or would you prefer to do it together and learn a bit of SmartApp programming? In the second case, you’ll be able to tweak the app until it does exactly what you want if your requirement changes, etc…

Either way is fine with me :smiley:

… CP / Terry.

Thank you for taking this on tgauchat. To be be quite honest, I would rather see you do it as I have no knowledge of Groovy at all. However, I’m an excellent tester and I will also create a snapshot of what the app should include, most of it will be pre existing code available from ST.


Go ahead and send the details, snapshots, etc.

We can do the communication here to share as Community education, and/or take offline to Private Message or email…

… CP/Terry.

I’m interested in this for education. If I can offer a starting point I think the stock smart security app has sections to recognize resident vs intruder movement. But I would be concerned that the resident motion has to be recorded as an event that could be checked for longer than just not active motion. The new ST motion has a reset of 12 seconds. So that would seem too fast of a reset because it would reset before you could get downstairs for water. Just a thought.

Thanks, Greg!

Yup… one of the benefits (and problems) with SmartApps is that there is an infinite way to design and code any idea and, as yet, there are no official reusable plug-in building blocks to help simplify and standardize the process

I don’t have a lot of experience with SmartApps yet; but have some confidence in this requirement … thought it definitely will go through some iterations and evolution.

Ok guys, here’s what I think the app should include

  1. Is this mockup based on any particular existing SmartApps (it would help me find code to possibly use as a starting point, though not essential).

  2. For the “how long” dialog, what resolution and range of delay are you desiring: seconds? minutes? hours?
    (Some SmartThings schedule functions less than 60 seconds are not reliable.)

  3. By “disable notifications and alarms”, I presume you mean the Notifications and Lights & Switches selecting within this SmartApp, right?


  1. The mock-up is not based on one app in particular,but I do see that the “Smart Security” app has some of these functions in it.

  2. As for the how long part, I was thinking it should be in minutes

  3. Correct “disable notifications” would disabled SMS, push notification, and prevent any switches from turning ON.

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@tgauchat any update on this my friend?

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Howdy, @veni!

I got distracted by a few other “easy” questions that took longer than I expected to answer, so thanks for the reminder!

But one thing I discovered on the way is that there is a very popular Community member (@Geko) developed SmartApp called Smart Alarm that, as far as I can tell from the description, was designed for scenarios very similar to yours (and a few more complex ones as well).

I haven’t tried to replicate your use-case / mock-up description directly using Smart Alarm yet – but I think it is informative for you, me, and the developer of that App if you give it a try and let’s see if it does the trick! Maybe it needs just a slightly different feature, or maybe we’ll come back here and decide that a simpler custom SmartApp is more direct.

One “missing feature” that SmartThings has, in general, at the moment, is that there isn’t a comprehensive focused directory of “the best” SmartApps. Many good apps are described in the Forum (and in this SmartApps Category itself, of course), but it is bit hard to know what is current, what is recommended, and what hasn’t worked so well or become obsolete. Maybe we just need a new Category or Sub-Categories that is/are dedicated to a clean and current listing of the best Community Developed SmartApps, regardless if they are officially ST certified and published yet? Guess that’s another topic not of immediate relevance. New Community Manager @April will soon start discovering examples of the best Community apps and tips & tricks contributions and decide if the Forum needs a better way to showcase them or not.

Here’s the thread on Smart Alarm … let me know what you think. All thoughts are welcome:

… CP / Terry.

I’ll give it a whirl tgauchat and thank you for replying.

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