Motion dector sending false alarms

my wife and I went away for a weekend and around 10:30 at night I started to get messages saying morion dector dected an intruder. It did this every minute for hours (it was a false alarm) MD is in a sunroom with a lot of windows, I have it about 6.5’ on a wall kiddie cornered so it is facing across the room. Is there anyway to correct this problem? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

First, determine if the sensor might be faulty by putting it in an enclosed box and see if it goes off. If it passes that test, then I would try repositioning the sensor elsewhere in the room, maybe lower on the wall with less exposure to the windows. You could also add another motion sensor in the room and make it so that both sensors have to go off before sending you a notification.

UPDATE: I’m don’t know what version hub you have or brand of motion sensor but with the recent hub update, there have been numerous reports of false motion sensors going off

For a more complex solution to false alarms, check out this thread

for ST motion sensors 2generation, I experienced enough false-motions that I would never put them in an alarming-role, so they will never cause a loud siren. I had a couple episodes where multiple/different motion sensors signaled false-motion around the same time, in unoccupied operation.

Instead I use ST motion signals for quiet notification, to be investigated by another channel.

The ST motion sensor IS pretty sensitive, so maybe you have a mouse or spider.