Motion Beats Presence - How about yours?

So, just occurred today for the first time - go figure
I have a Presence on my keys plus Motion just inside my door (6’) next to the hub -
I have a app that sends a Text if Motion and NOT Present
So unlocked my Door and Got a Text

Presence at 19:11:24
Motion at 19:11:20

So ideas anybody?

The Presence fobs are on a 15~ second ping cycle while away from the HUB in order to conserve batteries. The motion sensors have much larger batteries so they can run on a much shorter cycle. Probably not really a whole lot you can do about it except position things so that the presence fob has time to come online. I have a Smart outlet near my front door which extends my network range a decent ways down the street…so if the system is working properly (hehe) then I am usually “present” by the time I put the car into park.

So Cory, Super response - good info to know!
So, If I can walk 100’ and unlock my door and open it in 15 sec an alarm can occur depending on cycle.
Tks - Phil

I say 15ish because I have seen it take longer at times, up to 30 seconds, or even longer in rare cases. I resolved most of my issues by putting a zigbee repeating device near the front door to extend the range of the presence sensors. The Smart outlet, and the motion detector (if plugged in) will both act as repeaters.