Motion and lux sensor with relay or switch to turn lights in

Hi, here’s my setup. I have my main kitchen lights and then my under cabinet lights. I want the under cabinet lights to turn on if I walk into the kitchen when it is dark, and then turn off when/if I turn on the main lights.

I was originally planning on getting this relay and the Aeon Labs MultiSensor 6, but then decided on the GE 12722 switch and the Aeon Labs MultiSensor 6. Is this a good and reliable combination?

Now it’s a matter of the app to make them work together, any suggestions?


I prefer physical switches like the one you posted. I like dimmers even better! The Aeon Multi is great. However, there are cheaper options just for motion.

Do you have 2 physical switches? One for under cabinet and one for lights?

Your combo will work with SmartLighting. CoRE is even better.

Yes two physical switches.

I generally want to stay away from smart lights.

As long as you have a neutral in the switch box the GEs are pretty solid. I would look into the newer 14000 series Z-Wave Plus but all of mines are the 12000 series and I’ve had zero issues. Dimmer for the light and switch for the under cabinets.

I would recommend starting with CoRE. You can create a simple piston with conditions. “if main lights on, then turn off cabinet lights”.