Motion and Ambient sensor questions

I have a few questions for the motion sensor set up. I want to install motion sensor to track and activate lights and other jobs when its night and when its a day:

  1. What type of sensor would you recommend? Is there one that has both, ambient and motion tracking built into one device?
  2. Do I even need an ambient sensor? Can I simply trigger an activity such as turn the light on after motion detected after sunset? In which case would you want to have an ambient sensor?
  3. Will the motion sensor pick up my dogs of which biggest one is 90lb? If so, what is the solution for it?
  4. What is the best height to put the motion sensor on?

Ambien™ is the name of a sleep medication. :sleeping:
You mean “ambient”, I hope!

LOL, yes :slight_smile: I did not mean sleeping medication :slight_smile:

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There are two sensors I’m aware of that include LUX level readings.
Of the two the Fibaro is the best, it supports LUX levels into the 32,000 range, whereas the aeons tap out at 1000 Lux, which isn’t that bright. Both have adjustable sensitivity, however none will be able to distinguish between a 90lb dog and a human.