Moteino Bridge?!?

I just stumbled onto these guys. How is there not an ST/Moteino bridge??
Who can do it???
This would be huge!

How? Well… see the first part of your quote: “I just stumbled onto these guys…”.

Stuff will only be developed/built for SmartThings if: (a) Someone from the Community does it as a fun project, or (b) Someone believes there will be a significantly large reachable market willing to pay for the development effort - usually after risking a lot of time first, since, crowdfunding aside, folks aren’t willing to pay for stuff that doesn’t exist.

I was speaking rethorically @tgauchat

I wanted to call attention to these guys in the hopes that it does spark community interest enough that someone does decide to develop for this hardware. :slight_smile:

You up for a challenge sir? (kidding)

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Oh… OK.

I doubt I’m “up to the challenge”, but let me offer you a challenge…

What is so compelling about the Moteino that it is worth the effort? Aren’t there plenty of ways to already accomplish what it does (especially in a SmartThings household)?

I’ve been following Moteino for a long time. His hardware is very interesting and well designed, and it seem like a pretty cool solution, especially since when he started working on it there was no smart things and it was a pretty novel powerful
thing. However, I don’t really see what it brings to the table, really, if you already have SmartThings. For the price of a switchMote you can buy one of the many z-wave switches that can offer similar functionality but look like conventional light switches with much higher WAF. Plus, you get a UL Listed device. I always fear that in the off chance I put DIY stuff in my wall it will start a fire and my insurance company will deny my claim. Probably paranoid, but still.

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i like the multi switch capability. use it like a scene controller, and the fact that it can incorporate a PIR, it’s a clean device for certain use cases. Sure there are other options, more native. But why do we hack any non ST hardware to work? cause we want to

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mainly to use it as a LVDC powered wired, gang mounted button controller. possibly adding the PIR too

I wouldnt use it for mains AC

You should follow this post. It sets up a moteino that communicates with smartthings via and esp8266 wifi module.