Most of wifi devices went offline when I installed a new modem

A strange thing happened when I installed a new and faster (from 100 to 200) Spectrum modem. When the network and ST hub came back online most of my Kasa wifi switches and plugs went offline and I have not been able to bring them back online with any mass action like rebooting the hub. Looks like I will need to go device by device and delete/reinstall. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They don’t work in the kasa app as well?

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If you have changed the router and have not configured the new Wi-Fi network with the same name and passwords as the old router, you will have to configure device by device by changing the name and password of the new Wi-Fi network.

If you can, it is easier to go into the configuration of the new router and put the name and passwords of the old router.

I did not change the router or configuration of the wifi. However I just power cycled my router and suddenly all came back online. Not sure what happened but it works now. Still have issues with getting my router to broadcast the new speed but that is an eero issue. :thinking:


Sorry i got it wrong :man_facepalming: