Morning scene not running

I have an Automation that runs in the morning and sets a scene and the location mode. The automation is running and the mode is changing, but the scene never executes. I’ve tried going in and re-saving the automation, but no joy. It’s been doing this for a bit over a week now and I haven’t figured out what’s going on.

I wouldn’t be absolutely sure that the mode change isn’t running first, negating the other portion from running. Does the scene run without the mode change? Maybe 2 automations running the mode a bit later than the scene?

Put the location change in a scene.

I’ve have the same issue on occasion. I have notifications in all my automations so I can be sure they run and makes it easier to debug when things don’t work. I’ve had cases where the automation runs and every item in the automation executes but the called scene never runs. I haven’t found any rhyme or reason to it and it has happened with more than one automation. I’ve even pulled every thing out of the scenes except for switch settings and still had the problem. I’d say the automations run the scenes about 98% of the time. The most frustrating thing is the poor debugging tools availability. History only works some of the time and when it does, there is a very limited amount of actual historical data to look at. How about a way to dump the data to a csv file?

History shows the automation running, but not the scene.