More presence sensing issues (GS7)...only wrong when connected to wi-fi

I’ve been having an issue with presence sensing…I know, I know…very common thing it seems here, however, I have a little different twist. It’s only when I’m connected to my home WiFi. Elsewhere it seems to work fine so I don’t think it’s hardware related. It shows us located over 186 miles away in a city we have never even been to, but it is consistently sending us to that exact same location (Central MA to somewhere near NYC).

  • I have high accuracy turned on
  • I have disabled any power monitoring features related to Maps, ST, Life360
  • I have given the related apps all the permissions they need
  • I have increased the geofence radius
  • I have cleared caches, forced stops
  • Used both ST native presence and L360 and getting the same results
  • Deleted and re-added both of them (ST and L360) and same results
  • It’s happening exactly the same on both mine and my wife’s phones (both GS7’s)
  • On a related note, the default weather widget seems to be reporting the same wrong location, but again, only when connected to home WiFi.

So, to me, it seems like the issue is with my home WiFi somehow screwing up my location. I don’t have any VPN’s, etc. I’m not aware of needing to set my router to a specific location, or is there? I have a G1100 router from Verizon FIOS if it matters.

Anyone have similar issues? What might some potential fixes be?

At some point your phone company mapped your Wi-Fi as being at the other address. This happens to people when they move, sometimes it can take up to 90 days before the new address shows up in location services. It can also happen if you buy used equipment. And sometimes it’s just a data error someplace.

You could start by getting in touch with your mobile service provider and tell them that your location is wrong and they can walk you through the steps to reset it for your particular model.


I agree with JD. This would seem to be related to your ISP. One way to check that would be to access Google Maps from a computer on your network and see if you get the same result. From what you have said I’ll bet the answer will be yes. Everyone must keep in mind too that when you phone gets inside the house there is no more GPS location service at work. Just like a XM radio going under an overpass will lose signal your phone will lose contact with GPS Satellites when indoors.


Oddly enough, Google Maps gave me the correct result…guess I just play the waiting game?!? Seems like this should be something we could do a direct request to Google to update a routers new address.

Since it’s happening on two different apps, I would contact your mobile phone provider. They should be able to get the location services updated if that’s the issue.