More Netatmo connection problems

I’ve used @Dianoga’s Netatmo device controllers and smart app without issue for several months now and up until a few days ago have not seen any of the issues that people have previously reported.

A few days ago, however, all of the devices (indoor, outdoor and rain guage) stopped reporting.
I tried to authenticate it again by logging into my Netatmo account via the smart app, but after tapping ‘Click to enter Credentials’ I just get a blank screen. Therefore (unless I’m missing something) I have no means to remove and reinstall said app.

Any ideas? I’ve searched for other threads on this topic, but it seemed to boil down to either removing/reinstalling the app (which I can’t find a way to do) or getting Netatmo/Smartthings to investigate (which I can do, but thought I’d see if someone could shortcut that process if there’s already a workaround)

Bump! Anyone having similar issues?

Same issue

I’m not able to even get that far. I click the Netatmo (Connect) app in my installed smart apps and all I get is a spinning gear for a second. Then nothing happens. It’s like I never clicked on the app at all.

they are aware of the issue. I reported it back around the 2nd.

Same here.