More effective way than Flagging @april for Merging Topics/posts

(April Wong) #1

Hi All!

Love you all for asking me to merge topics. However, with recent work loads, I’m not always on community site…For instance, these past few weeks, I have been out of town, or out. Ensure someone sees it by just flagging the post as “As something else” and link the thread you want us to merge it with. Any admin will be able to assist, and we have more than just me.

Thank you for all your help guys!

(Ron S) #2

Are we still on for drinks tonite in Berlin, @April! :wink:

(April Wong) #3

I wish I had time to even do that. Probably after IFA starts and is actually live. So much excitement and things and moving parts! :slight_smile:

(Benji) #4

Is there an obvious list of admins that I’m missing? Alternative is there a possibility of making @JDRoberts an admin?

He’s a great asset to the community!

(April Wong) #5

Just flagging it works.

It’s better because it puts it on a queue for us all. + doesn’t overly ping our mailboxes every time. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the shout, but I don’t want to be an admin. :sunglasses:

(Benji) #7

You’re practically one anyway! :smiley:


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