More control over Sonos speakers

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #1

I saw this post about setting up customized control of Sonos speakers just the other day. It uses Launch Center Pro to send a command to IFTTT Wordpress channel to a java node server on your home network (setting it up was not too hard - I had never set up a node server beforehand).

I really like it because it allows me to select any of Sonos favorites (whether streaming – Pandora, Spotify, etc. – or not) in seconds. I have also set up a command that allows me to have my Sonos system speak anything that I want at the moment).

The instructions are pretty clear, and I found it fairly easy to set up. Until I can get this level of control via ST, it will likely be my go-to method for (1) playing music and (2) sending messages to my family while I’m away, so I thought I would share.

Let me know what you think / whether we can set up this level of control via the ST IDE.