More bugs now with rules

Bug in good morning routine… i added the opening of a slider door to run good morning to try to not get an intrusion in the middle of the night when we let the dog out, but due to the timing issue the alarm still goes off, and now to make things worse after i change mode to rearm it never runs the good morning again (i think becsuse it already ran ) when motion starts im the morn and i get another alarm… and now i cannot unselect the door I selected In good morning as it as it says it is required. This is crap fix asap

Be sure to submit this as a ticket to That’s how they track open issues.

already sent in… was using the smart home monitor because of integration with cameras… but didn’t realize it was streaming constantly not only when alarm occurs… so don’t want that , and may scrap it and switch to smart alarm anyway.

This is half true. We do cache a certain amount (couple minutes) of video locally on the hub. This is what allows us to show you footage leading up to the event instead of when the event occurred which is usually too late to actually see what happened.

This video never reaches the cloud unless you tell us to send it there, like in the instance of a “alarm”. Furthermore, once an alert happens and we do store it in the cloud for later viewing, we only keep that clip for 30 days maximum, and you can also delete the clip at any time through the Smart Home Monitor app.

that’s better… I will reenable my cameras then… as a side note do you know of any smart app that can enable and disable the cameras as I really only need the functionality in away or night mode not when home
(or is the app already smart enough to know that and only save the data when the system is armed?)

I also have sd cards in the cameras and motion event detection on there as well and they must do something similar as you get a few seconds before the actuall motion that triggered the event on the cameras as well. the camera recording with my 4 cameras is one thing that HAS been working well on smart monitor … even though all the intrusions were obviously bogus… It just takes a while before the stream to the cloud until they can be viewed

Smart Home Monitor is really quick. Using a contact sensor to deactivate the alarm before it senses that the door that is deactivating the alarm is open is going to be really tough. I would use some other means to deactivate the alarm in this case. Perhaps a motion sensor or if you kenel train your dog you could use the kennel as the trigger? Just trying to throw out some ideas to help you out if I can :smile:

This is after you run a routine to set the home back to “good night” state?

I would set SHM to “Arm Stay” so it doesn’t use motions sensors to trigger SHM to alarm.

You can use routines to turn on/off the stream for the camera :slight_smile: Look for them under “switches”

It takes the exact amount of time you set the clip length to be. We have to record the video first before we can show it you you :smile:

Hopefully this answers the bulk of your questions. :smile:

yes I re-armed it and the motion in the morn is what is supposed to disarm it and it didn’t;

what actually triggered it was my wife opening a door not the motion…
yes I realize now what I tried to do was stupid… but there are two other bugs beyond that

  1. I cannot remove the door from the good morning routine… it is a bug… you need to be able to unselect things you selected.

and 2. after an intrusion at night when the good morning ran… and I rearmed… the good morning did not run again in the morning when motion started as it is the same rule and doesn’t fire twice in 1 night?

That’s interesting so theoretically it should be possible to certify / enable more video cameras, even those without internal SD cards. (I have the Smartcam (supported) and a Dlink without SD memory and assumed incorrectly why the Dlink was unsupported).

Question, how many cameras do you think the Hub can store video for and still effectively control the things around us? Is it possible that the camera’s need to store some video on the hub could be causing other issues and misfires with ST? I keep looking for some type of cause/affect criteria to fix issues but some problems seem pretty inconsistent and random.

Exactly 4

This was not a requirement and has no bearing on supported cameras.

No, most of these are present without cameras too. So thats just on us. :smile: