More arduino examples

can we get a simple arduino servo on to certain degrees/off to certain degrees example?


This implements the servo angles at the device, but you can see how it’s done that you can put on either side.

Hope this helps,

thank you so much @twack. i cant wait until tonight to get a closer look at this example

@wackware your example works great :smiley: UT how do you power yours? USB works fine but i dont want to have a USB cord hanging next to the blinds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i connected a 4aa battery holder power jack but the battery died within 1 day…

i found way to make the batteries go to sleep but once tried to test the device…it didnt do anything…am i putting this code in the wrong spots? i added it just like the site says…i added right below your existing code.

disregard that link. i realized i have arduino uno and that code is not compatible…and i didnt do some other stuff it requested.

I found this site, but again it doesnt work in the code you have @wackware

after reading more…i think it has to do with my arduino…i have an uno and the more i read that consume more power than other arduinos.