Monthly option

Currently I’m using several Smarting Lighting routines to test my 3 motion detectors, and 4 open close sensors once a week (Saturday). After doing this for the last 3 years and not having any issues I would like to do it monthly.

I have just converted to the new app, (so far so good), and was thinking that this might be a time to switch to monthly.

Today’s process, (Smart lighting), sets 7 virtual contact switches on Saturday at 12:04am to “0ff” indicating that “today’s the day”. Then, there are 7 SmartLighting routines, one per device, that are active between 6am and 10 am. If the device is triggered, the virtual contact switch is turned on, triggering an Alexa message, and since the switch is left in the “on” position it will run only once.

Something similar would work, just don’t know how to make it “EASY/SIMPLY” monthly.


FYI, just to consider newapp automations dont run locally yet where Smartlighting does if you’re using local capable devices and not doing complex automation…

You’ll be giving that up.