Monoprice zwave on/off relay


noticed monoprice has a relay, can I use it to open/close garage door and anyone tried it?


I just bought one, I’ll receive it 9/15. I’ll let you know how it goes. People seem to say it connects pretty flawlessly.

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That is great! :slight_smile: thanks. Let us know if it works and if SmartThings will recognize it for garage door open/close.

Thanks :smiley_cat:

I looked at the wiring diagram (PDF manual is on monoprice product site) and I am not sure how the garage would be wired up?


White and black go to power Ac source…

But the garage door switch… Which other two would it be connected to? Red and blue?


So it’s all setup, wiring was a bit more difficult than expected. It was a struggle to for everything into the box. There was a little button I had to hold for 3 seconds to make it know what kind of setup it was. Now the switch toggles it perfectly and the z-wave control is so quick. I’m happy but I’ll probably buy an actual switch next time.

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Can you please share how u wired it up?

Which color cables did u use for the garage?

SmartThings was able to use and detect as a garage door?


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Unfortunately I did not use it as a garage door relay, sorry if I mislead you. I wired it to a switch to control a set of lights. It seems like the red wire is the most important, as are most electronic things in movies and life. I was a bit confused on where that went but luckily my friend talked me through it and it made sense after some time. I have a feeling if you connect the black and blue to the live, green to the physical switch in your garage to maintain manual control, white to neutral, and red to the load it might work electrically. I don’t have a garage so I don’t know what kind of voltage these things are expecting on all of their inputs and outputs so defiantly check because this device deals with 120V AC only. Now getting ST to recognize it as a garage door would probably require a device type re-write, I have seen people use this remotec unit for garage doors maybe you can steal that device type…

Again I’m not an electrician, I’d do my own personal homework if I were to go about this myself. Those garage door lifts are expensive units, I’d hate to fry one buying a module not designed for that purpose trying to save $20. Just my opinion, I like being cheap, that’s why I bought monoprice, so I understand. :wink:

Can you post how you wired your switch. Tried multiple times ,but must haved something backwards.

It waaas a little difficult. You’d have to pay me to take it back apart. Wish I remembered. Sorry. I had to pigtail something odd.

Not being an electrician makes that diagram look like a foreign language. Do you recall anything, I tried help at monoprice, but they are pretty useless. Anyone out there have a nice set of photos showing the install?