Monoprice Z-Wave Switch saving state when it looses power

Hi Community,
I just bought a couple of Monoprice Z-Wave Switch and after inspection my house wiring I realize that the only way to use it is wiring it just before the lamp, because the manual wall switch doesn’t have a neutral wire, it just connected or disconnected from the live cable.
Everything is working great after the installation, but… when someone push the wall switch, the Z-wave device looses power and save the last state on the switch. So i was wondering, is there any way to program that when the device loses power the next time it get it’s power back, the switch state would be “ON” instead of the last switch status before the power were off.

Sorry for my bad english, my native lenguaje is spanish.

Thanks in advance for any help

I’m looking into your question… Can you confirm the product number?

Meanwhile, consider the in-wall relay module as a possible alternative for your situation, but hard to know if it will work or not.

The product number is 11989, in my case the relay works because I grab the neutral wire from behind the lamp, but my question is more oriented the device creation on the IDE, is it possible to create a device type that when it loses power or recovers it saves the new switch state as ON, so when the person reactives the wall switch the light will be ON regardless what was it’s state before the power went off.