Monoprice Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door/Window Sensor $19.54 + Free Shipping

Good Deal ?

Free Shipping
Z-Wave Plus Recessed Door/Window Sensor [] $19.54 w/ 15% off promo code FUNDAY

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Looks like a good price for a Z-Wave Plus device.

These do connect right up to ST without issue (not using them personally as I rent, but a lot of people are).

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If you use those I recommend over drilling hole ever so little. So the sensor will slide out easily come battery change time.


Does anyone know if this device also has annoying red LED like the Aeotec one?

There is a red light - but it is very fast. I have a hard time opening the door fast enough to see it. I highly recommend this device - No reason to pay double for the aeon one. I own both and would just buy the monoprice one if I needed more.

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Out of stock until the end of MAY! And they just raised the price of the other door and window sensor to 29.99

I think the instructions call for an 11/16" hole. A 3/4" paddle bit does the trick. Snug enough but still slides easily for service.

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