Monoprice Z-Wave Plugin On/Off Module Problems

I have three Monoprice Z-Wave Plugin On/Off modules that I’ve been using for quite a while with my v1 hub. I finally decided to unbox and install my v2 hub (pre-ordered, but why rush into anything, right?) and re-install everything. I was never actually able to get the Monoprice modules to unpair with the v1 hub - there is no LED on this unit, so you can never quite tell you were successful getting it “in the mood,” as it were. When I would attempt to unpair them, even if I forced a removal through the app, the device would stay in my Things list. Rather loyal little bugger, eh? I eventually just unplugged them from the wall and did a force removal.

The v2 hub is in, everything else is connected, and I cannot find a way to get these modules to reconnect either. Yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe they’re still faithful to their old master? I just find no way to get these things to respond in any way. I cannot find a reset button, hole for the trusty paper clip, etc. I’ve tried inventive things such as unplugging, holding the button in, and plugging back in, holding for an interminable length of time, pressing every two seconds a la the GE Smart switch - nothing seems to get its attention.

The documentation would fit on a matchbook cover - yeah, I looked.

Anyone have any idea about how to get this thing to pair with the new hub? They’re quite handy, were rock solid reliable while in operation, and I love having the second outlet on the other side that is unswitched. I don’t want to toss them in the recycle bin.

Try a e-mail to Zooz support I had a issue with a inwall switch they responded pretty quickly. But this might be a Smartthings issue.