MonoPrice RGB Bulb changing colors via Voice command


I bought 4 Monoprice RGB bulbs on sale for $16

It was easy to install and I didn’t need any special device handler. However, changing color using voice via Google home (either from the Mini or my phone) It won’t can’t change to a bunch of colors including basic colors. It would change to Green, blue, magenta for example but it will not change to pink or even RED! I mean … Red . common now? I’m sure its either my hub or its probably a simple fix.

When I say “change the color to RED” – google will acknowledge the change but it will not actually do it. If I say change the color to pink, it just changes to white (I would say about 5000k)

Anyone any have ideas to make this work?

BTW, I can change the color in the ST app so the bulb is capable of getting those colors – i just want use voice.

So tell it to change to Tuscan Cranberry instead

I got the same thing going on in difFerent device. No direct solution.

I actually found a solution about half an hour ago – Ive tested it from that time and it seems to be working

I was looking at the bulb and I guess Monoprice are changing manufactures because mine said

“HKZW-RGB01” in the actual model written on the bulb

I used this handler and it is now working with voice command

Only bad thing about this bulb is the the warm white is so bad (2700k) – cool white and daylight white are the only good ones.

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