Monoprice motion problem with new hub

I bought an updated hub about a year or more ago and never moved to it as it is such a PITA. The “new” hub is the one with battery back up that I bought as I believed it would do local processing. Figured it would be faster, not so much, but that is not my problem.

the issue is the working motion sensors do not work with the new hub., I checked for new device handlers and can’t find any. I have two, neither report temp any longer and one is stuck “on” showing motion and the other is stuck “off” and will not react. I’ve read they can be flaky do I just keep fiddling with them or do I move to another brand. Really don’t want to replace them as they are about $2 worth of electronics and $20 to the zwave alliance for licensing :frowning:

No issues with the new hub. Are you using the official device handler?: [RELEASE] Official Monoprice Motion Sensor with Temperature, Tamper and Battery Device Handler

Couple of things to try:

  1. Reset the sensor
  2. Exclude the sensor and then try to pair it
  3. Adding a buffering device between the sensor and the hub, common issue with mesh: FAQ: why would I need another beaming repeater if my zwave lock is already close to my hub?

I am not using the RBOY handler as it is $40.00 and I’m was not sure if I wanted to go that route. I plan to expand so the thought is I just convert to a naively supported sensor. Not sure this subscription has more use for me other than this device handler. I’d be really upset if I paid and still had the problem.

I am curious why they quit. I’m going to put one back on the old hub just to see if it still works there or is has lost it’s mind. That happens to me with certain in wall switches, they forget what they are and what they are supposed to do. A factory rest brings them back.

Issue appears to be solved. I found a slightly different device handler for the sensor. I removed both from the hub, power cycled them, then re-added. Motion and battery now work but not temp. power cycled them again and now temp is working.

Looks like the sensor was just being flaky.

Found the best solution. Don’t buy this motion detector. The ST zigbee motion is 20 bucks and works fantastic. Way more responsive and a great adjustable design.