Monoprice Motion and Temp Sensors

(Jon Allsebrook) #1

Just a quick update on these. For the price they are holding up really well. I have two of these outside and was worried about low temps causing issues but as you can see they are doing well.

(Morgan) #2

Have you found the temperature sensor for the monoprice ones are pretty accurate? They don’t seem to be as accurate as my other temperature sensors.

(Jon Allsebrook) #3

To be honest I don’t have anything to compare the outside temps too apart from a weather app which as you can see from the screenshot is spot on the same temp (its in the status bar of my phone screenshot).

I have an ST Multi close to a monoprice sensor in the basement and right now they differ by 7 degrees the ST sensor being higher.


Ouch, I don’t miss 12 degrees from my old days up North… Interesting to see they work that low.

(Jon Allsebrook) #5

Yup working well and just hit the lowest temp since using ST