Monoprice HKZW-DWS01 Contact Sensor Keeps Going Offline

If the wake up interval is still coming back as 0 then the device is never doing its wakeup checkin and will show offline once its inactive for a period of a few hours (exact duration is unknown, but likely 6-12 hours).

When using the Config Mc tool to set the new wake up interval, you’ll need to wake up the device in order to get it to read the new setting. From the manual for this device:

A default wake up interval of 0 sucks, and the stock drivers don’t override this value or allow you to change it so it makes sense that these will keep showing “offline” within ST.

If you’d like we can add support for the device on the Zwave Sensor CS driver. The wakeup interval is adjustable within the driver and will have a sensable default applied. What is your device fingerprint (viewable on the Advanced Web App under ‘manufacturer code’). Is it 0208-0200-0008 or 0208-0201-0008?

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