Monoprice door/window sensors

i’m on a mission to find reliable door and window sensors. i purchased a number of monoprice sensors, and RBoy DHs, and decided to try a few and determine if they are appropriate.

the 15270 surface mounted sensors appear to be pretty solid. they react quickly, seem reliable, and added to my 80+ device network without issue.

the 15268 recessed sensors are a disaster, and i plan on returning the three i purchased. out of the box, one was defective, another won’t pair at all, and the third works, but is so incredibly slow to respond (15+ seconds, if at all) that i don’t trust it to trigger rules showing entry to my house. they are going back.

the 11987 garage door tip sensors are great - they seem to work reliably and immediately. i used industrial velcro to stick them to my three garage doors, and so far they are operating flawlessly.

i’ll report back as i see how the batteries hold up, and if there are any other issues. do others have feedback on these or other sensors?


I have several of the recessed and have not had any issue with it.

for the one that won’t pair - did you try excluding it and then pairing?

For battery reporting - I can’t get them to report battery - so I just use Simple Device Viewer to notify me if the sensor hasn’t checked in

greg - thanks for the feedback. yeah i did try an exclusion, but that one won’t join the network. are you seeing a fast response time with these things? that’s my main beef, it’s taking a very, very long time for them to report, which somewhat defeats the purpose…

are you using the RBoy DH?

Mine is instant.

I’m using the stock “Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor” DTH

I’ve switched almost all my doors to the monoprice z-wave plus recessed sensors. No issues with response time on any of these. Several are used to turn on/off closet lights when the door opens/closes. I’m also using the stock “Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor” DTH.

ok - this is extremely helpful. so maybe the issue isn’t the sensors at all, and it’s my device handler. maybe the fact that the RBoy device handler is cloud based instead of the standard local one is my issue, and what i’m seeing is the latency. if you guys are getting good responsiveness, i have to believe it’s that…

open to further suggestions. in general, i really want the recessed ones to work, i feel that it’s the perfect concept.

how do i delete a device handler that’s in use - i want to “clear out” my RBoy “cloud” device handlers and have the devices revert back to the local smartthings defaults? when i edit the device handler and say “Delete” it says “device type still in use by devices” - thanks!

You don’t need to delete the DTH. Go to device view - select your device - click edit - then change the DTH to any that you want to try out.

Ecolinks are great. Good battery life and extremely reliable.

I just want to say I had three of the recessed door contacts and also had multiple problems with them. One took me almost half an hour to pair oh, it just didn’t want to work right but I eventually got it while the others paired pretty easily. However about one in every 15 or 16 door opens the sensor would “stick”. I.e. I would open and then close the door but it would report as open still. If I then open and close the door a second time it would start reporting normally for another 15 or so times but then do it again. I have routine setup that says if any door is left open more than 5 minutes to alert me and I was getting the alerts almost once every week on the door we use the most. So I swapped that sensor with one of the doors we don’t use often and end up having the same problem. Now that two of them did the exact same thing I didn’t bother trying it with the third. Ended up putting in some Konnected devices to pull in the old alarm systems physical contacts and those have been rock solid.

I tried leaving them on the stock dth and also tried some others all with the same result. They’re cheap but I think there’s a reason for that…