Monoprice Door Sensors & Motion Sensors Available again

Sorry for creating confusion:

The sensitivity setting on the Monoprice sensor does work, but in the different modes, sensitivity is not exactly equivalent to that of the Schlage sensor. This is from my own experience, testing these sensors in a totally not controlled environment :wink:

This is the main take away from my comments:

  • Hardware wise, the Monoprice sensor looks like a re-packaged Schlage sensor
  • The ‘TEST’ feature (quick cool-down interval) is not functional on the Monoprice sensor. It works on the Schlage.
  • The sensitivity setting is undocumented on the Monoprice sensor, but it appears to work.
  • The sensitivity of the Monoprice sensor in the different modes (Default, ‘PET1’, ‘PET2’) is not exactly equivalent to that of the Schlage sensor in the respective mode.

I have no problems with the Monoprice sensor. With sensitivity set to ‘PET1’ it correctly ignores my small dog, while still being plenty sensitive to human motion.

thanks for all the info. Probably going to order a few of these!

just wanted to post that I did get two of these and I like them. I’d say the only negatives are the 5 minute time out for motion and that I can’t see battery level?

Anyone know how to get the battery to show up? I do like how they show temperature

I thought the battery wasn’t showing up because it didn’t get the info yet - I just hooked my motion up yesterday. Crap…I’m hoping it is in there somewhere and it just needs to be identified in the battery type.

I’m not positive but I believe it’s because I’m using the aeon multisensor device type and it’s not reading the battery properly. same thing with the utilitech siren. you have to use the fortrezz device type, which is wired, so it doesn’t pull battery.

Perhaps these motions need their own device type? I’m just a consumer not a programmer.

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I did create a device handler for the Monoprice Motion sensor a long time ago: You can grab it from here:

I wasn’t able to retrieve the battery fuel level from the device. It looks like it doesn’t implement the Z-Wave Battery Command Class (0x80) at all. The Door/Window sensor, on the other hand, does. It is entirely possible that I am just missing something.


I installed your device type. But my question is does this do anything other than just clean up the things view? Even if that is the case I like it. Thanks!

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. It culls all the tiles for the sensor values that it doesn’t report - as opposed to the Aeon Multi Sensor.

In addition to that, the first shipment of the motion sensor used to report its temperature value in degrees Celsius, and the device handler converts that to Fahrenheit. I am not sure if the sensor now ships reporting degrees Fahrenheit from the factory.

mine was reporting Fahrenheit immediately

Did you submit this so it can get added to the standard list of devices? I assume that is something that can be done through IDE? I would love for this to just work “out of the box” without having to connect to the IDE to “fix it”

That’s good to know, thanks!

I have not explored that option, @brianlees. This was before user submissions of device handlers and SmartApps were accepted. I am unsure what the proper procedure is for submitting this as an official device handler. I’ll see what I can find out. Thanks!

@florianz just wanted to drop some feedback that I’ve noticed since changing the device type that the things view reports motion via the icon unless I refresh it. There is no motion in the activity log and no actions are being triggered so I know there is no motion.

I can refresh the thing page and it will update the icon to show no motion. However next time I trip it the things view will show motion until I manually refresh it.

I think that the aeon device type is now converting it but it still reports Celsius.

@florianz also wanted to report that I also noticed that my smart security app no longer allows me to use the monoprice detector if I use your device type :frowning:

so I switched it back to the aeon multisensor out of necessity

Ah, thanks @greg. The device types were still using the old style metadata, where the device capabilities had to be authored in the device settings, rather than the metadata section in the code. I added the capabilities to the code, so the apps (including Smart Security) should pick them up correctly, now. I submitted the changes to github, so the link will update automatically.

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@florianz How does the link update automatically? I originally copy the text from GitHub into my IDE when I first set it up a week or two ago. Should I be doing it a different way? My monoprice motion is not available as a motion sensor to turn on some lights. I assume the metadata issue is the reason.

Yes, sorry, you have to go to the link and copy the code into a device handler:

I haven’t gotten around to it yet, but I still want to submit that publication request, so that the Monoprice device will be supported out-of-the-box and you won’t have to deal with this anymore.

@florianz - Thanks. I’ll do it tomorrow when I’m awake and in front of a computer, since the IDE site doesn’t work very well with an iPad. :frowning:

@florianz - Yep, that did it. Gracias!!!