Monoprice 15271 motion detector - fast battery drain

I installed one of these 5 days ago. It integrates fine with smartingthings using the generic Z-wave plus motion detector.

The issue is the battery: It is dropping about 10% every 3 days. Went from 100 -> 90 in 3 days, and from 90 -> 80 the next 3 days.

Has anyone else observed this problem? Is there anything that can be done?

Battery drain is not linear … you may find that once it reaches … 20% (?)… it lasts forever.


  • Search to see if there is a custom DTH as it might have a custom configuration cluster that has a lower frequency of check-in, movement-activity reset, or whatnot that could lower battery usage

  • If you have any Z-Wave repeaters (i.e., powered outlets or switches) on your network, be sure to run a Z-Wave repair, as it might find a more efficient mesh route that takes lower transmit power.


It is sort of like a tube of toothpaste. It takes you a week to collapse it down to the end and then, by some magic, that little bit you have left seems to last 2 weeks, depending on how cross-eyed you get when you try and squeeze the remaining amount out of the tube.