Monitoring family member with althimzers

I just ordered my system about 5 minutes ago, however once it is online I will be using it to look at all devices/products/codes to track my dad (that moved into the basement of my house instead of the other way around).

I am looking for ideas on how to configure system so when my dad starts to wonder (only a matter of time) I can get instant alerts and bring him back home.

Basically I am looking at preventing my dad from wondering. Short of going all “put lotion in basket” on him I need to find a way to give him freedom most of the time but with his mental state he does need some boundaries as well.

Since I am a newbie perhaps this is built in.

Thanks for your advice.


Hey Dave,

You have a couple of options built right into the system with Presence sensors and iOS and Android phones used as presence sensors. That will allow you to use the geofence setup around the hub and therefore your home to alert you should he leave that area. This of course would depend on him carrying one of those devices. The other benefit would also be the ability to track those devices.

Of course the other option would be Open/Closed sensors (such as the ST Multis or similar units) monitoring your doors that could alert you if they are opened.

Once your system arrives, feel free to reach out and ask for help configuring your setup. There are many people here willing to help.


What @DavidCreed said…plus you can also add motion sensors (another great option for alerts). You could also use Sonos/ObyThing audio notifications though speakers. They could be for you AND him to help if he becomes confused.

Basically, there are A LOT of ways you can slice this to help you. And, as David said, the community is here to help.

I think the Presence sensors would be your best bet. It can be a pendant thing or something he has to always have in his person. This will all depend on how accepting he is of what you’re trying to do for him and his security. It’s small enough to be attached to clothing compared to a smart phone that can be set down and left behind.

Thanks all

I appreciate the responses. The presence sensor has been purchased so the issue is getting him to keep it on him at all times (not sure if that is possible). That said the open/closed door senors will be my primary line of defense in preventing him from wondering until I get my order (shipped today). Once I get my equipment set up I will be back for ideas/recommendations.

Thanks again

Using speakers to tell him to go back to bed is something I never even considered.

Thank You for that.

Hi, I’m trying to do something similar to this. does anyone know if it’s possible to set an alert if a person doesn’t leave the house for a number of days? Thanks.