Monitor Humidifier Water Level?

I have a pretty large portable humidifier. I believe it holds 9+ gallons of water. The problem with the humidifier is that it doesn’t automatically turn off when the water runs out. I’d like to come up with a solution that monitors the water level and turns off a smart outlet when it senses the humidifier running dry. My first thought would be to get a water sensor and monitor for when it stops sensing water but I don’t think those things are meant to be submerged. Are there any sensors with extended probes out there that can be put in by themselves so I don’t have to submerge the whole device?


Take a look at this


Her is what I use for my Christmas tree to alert me when it needs water. Water Sensor

And look for the No Water App. Works great.

All the info is here. Low water alert


Awesome. Thanks for the ideas!

@jarettp I just got a humidifier today, and (doh!), it also doesn’t turn off automatically when empty.
What did you end up doing for this?

I actually haven’t had a humidity issue so far in my new place so I haven’t needed to dedicate time to this just yet. As soon as my couch starts shocking me I’ll likely look into this more though lol. I’m thinking that I can probably just setup something to monitor the humidity in my house and turn off the power for the humidifier and notify me once it drops below a certain level though. That would keep me from having to modify my humidifier. Hell I could probably get creative and have it manager when it turns off due to high humidity too.

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