Monitor garage door left open if temp is <60 deg


Today I left my garage door open when I left for work(hit the button, but never looked back to verify it closed). My garage is heated, so I would like a way to monitor if the door if left open for more then 5 minutes and the outside temp. is less then 60 deg, then close the door. I just downloaded the IFTTT app today, but it looks like that can’t do “AND” statements. My garage door controller is Gogogate 1, which is not supported by IFTTT. I did see a post about someone using Numerous to set up a counter system to simulate AND statements, but I guess Numerous no longer exists. Any other way to do this? Smartthings is pretty cool, but it could use a lot more expanding on the rules. I know I also have to figure out a way to signal the door to close as well. May need to get the Gogogate 2, or Smartthings compatable door controller.

I have a chamberlain MyQ garage door opener and I use WebCORE to monitor the status of my door. I tend to do the same from time to time, press the button and drive off without checking. You can also look into a go control garage door opener.


I think that’s pretty doable using WebCore, basically two conditions with the AND operator, then a WAIT and then the notification.

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There is already an app in smartthings that will send you a notification if you leave the garage door open. And it can be set to constantly notify you. I have mine set to notify me every 30 minutes if we are home and the door is open, if we both leave then it closes automatically.

Webcore would probably be easier but I like to mess around with the smartapps and it would be a fairly simple mod to take one of the existing apps and add temperature monitoring as a parameter.


I have rule set up to automatically close my garage door after 20 minutes for when it gets left open by accident.
There is also a virtual device switch in place that I can use to allow the door to stay open longer if needed, perhaps while I’m working in the garage.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.