Monitor Ecobee Temp Sensor Batteries


(Jeff) #1

Does anyone have any ideas how to monitor battery health via IDE for the Ecobee sensor? I use webcore and have several devices connected, but for some reason I cannot find anything to monitor these sensors. I read that these devices may not have the ability to report battery condition, but I cannot confirm this to be an absolute fact. Any help would be appreciated.

(Mavrrick) #2

The ecobee devices are a cloud connected device. It Is very possible that battery status is not something avaliable through those API’s. I would suggest you ask this question in the thread for EcobeeSuite or maybe @yvesracine will now. Ecobee suite is a free Smartthings solution I use, but @yvesracine has his own paid for ecobee smart app. I would expect you may be able to get an answer from both routes.

(Yves Racine) #3

No, the battery info is not available in the Ecobee APIs…