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Monitor/Control your Lights/Switches based on the power consumption and illuminance of your home


(Yves Racine) #1


Would you like to control your lights during the day based on your power consumption and illuminance inside your home?

Use cases:

  • If your home’s power consumption is above a certain threshold (in watts), you may want to turn off some lights,especially during the day when the illuminance inside your home is above a lux threshold (input parameter)


  • Power meter for your whole house such as, Curb, or Aeon HEM (Home Energy Monitor) to get your power usage at any time during the day.

Neur,io device here:

  • Illuminance sensor (such as the Aeon Multi Sensor) - Optional


  • Multiple switches can be controlled at the same time!
  • Run only during the day according to your sunrise/sunset times (with or without offsets)
  • Virtual power switch can turn on/off the smartapp momentarily

The smartapp is available for download at:!store/tc3yr

If you do not know how to create a custom smartapp, please refer to

P.S. Technical support packages are also available (optional).


(Yves Racine) #2

Here are some screenshots:

Available now for download at my store: