Moisture Sensor

I have the Smartsense Moisture sensor and I read in the documentation that you shouldn’t repeatedly test the unit. But that the unit wakes it self for a self test every 4 hours by default. I don’t see any of this activity in the activity log. Is it possible that the activity can be shown so that both the “thing” is connected to the hub still and not wet?

Basically I can see all my multi’s and micro switches reporting single digit temperature changes and .0000 kwh changes when I don’t really care about that minor of a change. But I’d like to know that the moisture sensor is actively monitoring things without having to get it wet.

So how can I make those 4h checks visible?

Not totally sure, but in the app go to Support>help us debug>Display extra events, perhaps.

@greg If you check the devices logs at you can click on “List Events”, then click on “all”. That will show you the 4 hour check-ins.

@urman that works, thanks.

When I did @dave 's suggestion I’m seeing “socket is unhealthy” should I be concerned?