Moisture Sensor proved its value

(Brooks Hurd) #1

In May, I set up a ST hub in our rental house on Cape Cod. It was under the water heater to signal us if the water heater was leaking. Since it was in the basement, which sometimes has water coming in from outside during heavy downpours, it could also alert me if the basement had water in it.

On July 1st, I received a message that the sensor was wet. I checked Weather Underground and found that an intense rain storm had just passed over Cape Cod. The rain intensity according to the automated radar map was a rate of nearly 6" per hour. This meant that the storm had dropped 3 inches of rain in 30 minutes. I contacted the tenant and let them know that there was likely water in the basement. They confirmed that this was the case and they swept it out the garage door. Within 2 hours, the sensor reset since the water had dried. It also confirmed that the water heater was not leaking.

I am very happy that I had the moisture sensor. I am confident that if the water heater leaks, I will know immediately.