Moes Smart IR Remote Control - Edge Driver

Hello, Thanks for your driver.
Could you add this fingerprint to your driver? It seems that this fingerprint hasn’t been added yet.
It has usb power model, not battery.

Only difference is power, it might be same logic with your other devices.

Model : TS1201
Manufacturer Code : _TZ3290_7v1k4vufotpowp9z

Please let me know if you need more information.

I saw that your device does not have power configuration cluster 0x0001 due to lack of batteries, so I will have to add the fingerprint and make some modifications.
Next week I will have some free time and I will be able to do it.
Thank you,

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Thank you very very much.

Hi hb_k,
I added the new fingerprint _TZ3290_7v1k4vufotpowp9z and modified the code to avoid checking the battery. Please test the driver.

Hello, thank you for your update.
I tested your driver, but the remote hasn’t been caught with your driver.
This is full information of the driver.

Could you check this information and update again?
Thanks for your development.

Happy new year.

Please, test the new version 2024-01-07T17:28:09.606319445

It finally works.
thanks very much.

Now I have a question…
Is there any way to duplicate the item?
It seems that only one mapping on one item. ( for example, power button could be learned only one device. )

How can I use multiple devices? (like fan, TV, and so on.)


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Hello @otivax
I installed your driver recently and have used it for my mini-split heat-pump. Verry happy it works ! I tweaked it a bit to make it work for my own need as follows, which then allowed me to use Alexa to Trigger ST for automation with voice.
Button 1 = Set to 18 °C
Button 2 = Set to 19 °C
Button 3 = Set to 20°C

Button 9 = Set to 26 °C
Button 0 = Set to Off

I put in learning mode and had set each number to a specific degree for quick automation. Since the design is more of a TV remote than an AC remote, the up-down function and fan speed are not handled. That will do for now as I set the fan speed as part of the learning code (thus always speed 3) but would be really nice if you could make it as an AC/Heatpump and have the device learn and control more than more device.

Again, to my knowledge you are the first to come up with an Zigbee IR Blaster driver.
Thanks again!

Hi ellie.
The design is more of a TV remote control because I use a capability called keypadInput that displays like a TV RC. It was the best I found in the Smartthings documentation.
I’m adding a custom capability to select a device from a list, and then it will be possible to learn, use and automate new devices. You can use the same buttons for multiple devices by changing the selected device in the list.
I hope to have a new version soon, but lately I don’t have much free time.

Thanks @otivax . No rush, I understand community members work on their own personal time. Just happy there is something available at this point that works !
I used what was there using the TV remote to force in action for my mini-split as indicated above. That will do until a new release is available

Hi sir great work just to check if there is there anyways to setup 2 or 3 device. like controlling fan and Aircon.


I updated the driver with support for multiple devices. Version 2024-02-20T18:04:50.7051487
Now, you can select from a list of 10 devices, learn the key codes, and use them in Detail View and Automation. The Main device is the device learned in previous versions…
I would recommend using one automation to change the device without using the power button and another to send the key code, because the automation sends the power button code (on or off) before sending the device change, so this could produce unwanted effects.
I hope you like it.


Hello. First of all, thank you for you excellent work. I was able to pair and control my AC unit (LG Art Cool), audio (Philips micro system), satellite receiver (VU+) and TV (Philips).
Now dumb question. Is it possible to use 2 of these ir blaster units in 2 separate rooms and control different set devices? I would like to have some type of automations also in bedroom for TV, satellite receiver and projector. Thank you.