Moes 2 gang wall integration dimmer always on

I have a Moes 2 gang wall integration dimmer with neutral and an identical product that is not labeled as Moes. The identical product works as expected and we integrated it successfully. But the Moes version is always on. When we integrate the light is on and it can’t be turned off. Neither by the app (zigbee integration works), nor by the pulse wall switch. The pulse wall switch is 2A. Is this a malfunction or do I need to setup or reset something?

Lots of companies have devices that look identical but have different internals, including firmware, so that in itself doesn’t mean anything.

The fact that you can’t turn the light off with the wall switch, though, indicates that there’s a wiring or load issue. or possibly a defective device, although that’s less common.

There are many dimmers that won’t turn off when used with low energy LED bulbs, so the first question would be what is the load on the switch?

Secondly, you’ll need to check the wiring to make sure everything is correct.

Also, are the lights for both gangs on all the time, or just one?