Modify motion rest

I’m trying to have my motion sensor turn on and off my lights for the stairs in the hallway. Problem is the “rest” time of the motion sensor is 59 seconds. So the lights stay on for a minute after motion is sensed. Anyone know a way to modify that “rest” period? Otherwise I was thinking of turning on the lights when motion is active and off a few seconds later. But that causes issue if someone walks up the stairs and then someone else comes by within a minute it won’t trigger b/c the “rest” hasn’t occurred yet.

nevermind… I mis-read the post. Ignore me!

Okay, poked around in the Device Types a little bit. For the AEON multisensor there is a spot that delays sending the motion stop command for 15 seconds. If this is your device you could create your own device type and drop that to 1. Turn off would happen a little quicker.

I didn’t see any delay or rest numbers in the device type of the SmartThings motion sensor, so I’m guessing these things are built into the firmware.

Just happened to look through the logs of my two motion sensors… one is the AEON, the other is the SmartThings motion. The SmartThings motion always has at least one minute of delay between active and inactive. My AEON, on the other hand, is reporting much more often… in the range of 15 seconds at times (which makes sense give the delay built into the device type).

So it definitely appears to be a firmware thing with the SmartThings motion. If you need to turn off right away you might need to get an AEON and then perhaps even modify the device type to get less than 15 seconds.

I dont know much about the system yet but is there a way i can just mimic the motion in “my device types”? like create the motion active and inactive with these “fingerprints”?

I’ve looked in my devices but i didnt see where you could edit any of the fields except name, location, zwave id. do you know how long it takes aeon to go inactive?


You edit those things in the device types, but that’s a bit of a complicated area with no real documentation, so I don’t think you want to mess around too much with that unless you know what you’re doing.

The Aeon has reports no motion in as little as 15 seconds according to the logs I looked at on my device.

They work a little differently. The part @chrisb was talking about in the Aeon Multi code is to change the configuration on the Z-Wave device itself. It you could customize it, apply that to your device type, then tap the configure tile to send that configuration which lives on the devices.

Our motion sensor is different in the sense the firmware is hardcoded to reset at 60 seconds. Right now it cannot be changed. We’re looking at ways in the near future to be able to set custom time-out times similar to the Aeon Multi-sensor.

I have sense purchased the aeon multi and having some problems with that as well. i have it shut off lights after motion is inactive but it will shut off while i’m walking in front of it. I’ve tried going into the tile itself and click “configuration” but clicking it doesn’t do anything (i’m on a droid, could be a bug)? Is there anything i can do as far as writing a custom device type for this? I’m new to this whole thing, ive messed around with coding the apps but not the device types.