[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station

Sorry guys, I don’t have much time to support this at the moment.

The reason for the rain gauge not showing all parameters in HA is because it uses custom capabilites. I guess this is not supported by the HA integration.

Herr is how to add a Smartapp in the latest ST app version.

On both my tablet and mobile (both Samsung) I have the latest update (2021/10) and there is nowhere on the automations / add routine / discover tab to add a SmartApp! It merely lists my already installed smartApps as is shown on the automations page!

Should be at the bottom of the discover page

@cscheiene I couldn’t see the base sensor as well (only outdoor). After some debugging I found out that the:

apiGet("/api/getstationsdata",["get_favorites":true]) { resp ->

returns following data:

    dashboard_data:[AbsolutePressure:1023.4, CO2:1024, Humidity:48, Noise:45, Pressure:1024.6, Temperature:23.9, date_max_temp:1636394515, date_min_temp:1636388210, max_temp:28.8, min_temp:20.4, temp_trend:up, time_utc:1636404446],
    data_type:[Temperature, CO2, Humidity, Noise, Pressure],
    dashboard_data:[Humidity:79, Temperature:6.7, date_max_temp:1636388210, date_min_temp:1636400207, max_temp:23.4, min_temp:6.6, temp_trend:stabl, time_utc:1636404411],
    data_type:[Temperature, Humidity],
    // (PLACE DATA)

That means this conodition:
if (value.module_name != null) {

was always false and the base station was never added to the deviceList. I’ve modified the following app code:

            if (value.module_name != null) {
                deviceList[key] = "${value.station_name}: ${value.module_name}"
                deviceList[key] = "${value.station_name}: Main"            
            state.deviceDetail[key] = value
            state.deviceState[key] = value.dashboard_data

and all works fine!

Sorry guys, i use this smartapp from a lot of time, but only now i add my wind module . Thi icon not work, is possible to solve it?

@cscheiene I see that you have done a great job with the weather station, would you be able, would you have the time and the desire to integrate the thermostat as well? Native netatmo integration is shit due to data refreshing every 6 hours. Can anything custom be done to fix? Do you have some advice?

Thank you for your amazing work!
I have Multiple (14 Netatmo Health Coach) installed in different locations and I see them in the smartthings Smart App a list of all the sensors with the same name. Is there a way to check at least the Device network Id to associate the right Room to the right sensor?

Best and thank you

@cscheiene any plans on creating new Edge drivers for the Neatmo Weather Station and gauges when time permits?. Fingers crossed that you will be. Thanks again for all your hard work!

Just installed the SmartApp and DTHs – this looks great so far. Thanks!

I’d also be interested in the answer to @5spot 's question on Edge drivers!

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I’d also be interested in the answer to @5spot 's question on Edge drivers!


Impressive work by cscheiene! I just did the smartapp and dth. Everything works fine, but I get Fahrenheit instead of Celsius. I tried to search for this but no luck. In android-app and web it shows Celsius. Where can I change this setting?

I found it. Under “My locations” at ST.com you can choose C or F…

Is this smartapp & dth working right now???

Yes work fine

Is it possible to pull the dew point temperature and feels like temperature into ST?

Also is there a way to access the forecast data for things like rain or temperature?

We want to use it to notify us if we should hang the washing outside depending on the dew point and if it’s going to rain in the next 8 hours. If so we can then get a notification if it does start to rain from the rain sensor. Similar use case for watering plants, no point if it’s going to rain soon.

Got the DTH & SmartApp installed toady with no issues thanks to your great instructions, thanks for all the hard work :slight_smile:


Won’t this be going away soon? Is anyone working on an Edge driver?

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I had to do the same edit before the Home Coach (a.k.a. Health Coach) smartapp would show the device list and add a new device. It will be helpful for the author to add this change to github. Many thanks to the smartapp/dth author for the hard work and Mario for the bug fix.

Please apply the bugfix from Mario_Giombi in this post [MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station - #398 by Mario_Giombi