[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station

Very good work.
Thank you for your effort, netatmo was something i really missed with ST.

Worked fine for me here in Norway

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any hint on how to get google home to see this as a temperature sensor when integrating it with smartthings?

Same Issue, basestation does not appear first in SmartThings, only the outdoor module. I rename Basestation and affected rooms in Netatmo website and then basestation appear in SmartThings smartapps. Thanks everybody :slight_smile:

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After doing the installation, the basestation did not appear. I renamed it and changed room, like @DanielSchmidt79 and @Fred79 did, and now the module appears in ST. The only concern now is that both modules are offline, so I can’t do any automation. Yet I see all the data and history. What can I do to get my modules online? Thank you all for your remarkable work.

Try rebooting the hub

After a rebooting, nothing has changed. I subsequently reinstall the two modules in Netatmo and nothing either.

Looks like ST is having issues at the moment

Yes ST issues… but now i’m online :smile: Thank you @cscheiene

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Hi, I have had my Netatmo wind gauge integrated into SmartThings for a long time, but I haven’t relied on the measurements for anything. Now I want to use wind data, but it seems I only see the battery status of the gauge. Is there anything I can do to obtain the actual wind measurements?

OK, I updated both the Smart App and the Device Handler, which changed things a little. In the ST app on iOS, which previously only showed the battery level, I now see the other variables (wind speed, direction, etc.). However, sometimes I see a cloud symbol with a diagonal line through it and sometimes just an empty field where the value should be. Is there some authorization that might not be correctly set?

Hello guys, please help me. I have connected Netatmo account in SmartThings. I see Outdoor module and Rain sensor but main base station i don’t see. Why? Thank you very much for help.

Hi guys! I’ve followed all the steps. My IDEs are installed, as well as the SmartApp. I can se the SmartApp on my SmartThings mobile iOS app, and start it up for creation. I go to “+”, “Add SmartApp”, Choose “Netatmo (Connect) Modified” and the “Authorise Connection”-page shows up. It says to tap below (…) and enter Netatmo Credentials. I tap “Connect to Netatmo: Click to enter credentials” and NOTHING HAPPENS. Just a blank page. No info, no buttons. Just a white screen. I can “X”. I can therefore not get past this point.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your work! All of my devices show up in Smartthings now. However, the rain sensor doesn’t sync over to Google Home - its not showing up. The basestation and outdoor sensor show up in Google assistant, it appears that only the rain sensor is having an issue. I would like to be able to ask google how much rain we have received, so I was curious if you had any ideas on why the rain sensor isn’t showing up in Google Home

Switching the DH to a different Netatmo DH makes it show up in the Google Home app. Must be specific to the Rain DH

Additional question: Can we reorder the measurements in the ST app? I tried reordering the metadata code in the DH, but that doesn’t appear to change it. I would like the rainday to be the top item, and to have it show up in the ST tile

Is there anyway to support your work? Patreon or tip jar?

Make sure you have the device handler for the basestation setup in the IDE

Hey cscheine,
I´m facing the same issue mstahlman had in this post
I´ve installed the app and the DTHs i.a.w. your guide, but when I open select devices, it only gives me the option for the outdoor sensor.
I´m wondering if you could help me with this issue, please.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance

I am also having a similar issue. I am unable to see any devices.

I deleted the smartapp from st and restarted the st app and was able to add my settings and all my devices are there. (Basestation, addon, wind and rain)

Does this DTH support multiple base stations in a single home. I need to have more than 4 sensors one for each room and each base station only supports 3 indoor modules. I would like to add a second base station and more indoor modules and have enverything show up in smartthings for visualization in actiontiles.

Hi, I have been using this integration for some time now and had it all working nicely. I use ST to get to my Netatmo sensors from Home Assistant too. Unfortunately I ran into problems with the rain gauge not showing up fully through the ST integration with Home Assistant, so I am trying an upgrade-and-reinstall. Unfortunately (again) I cant remember what steps I did to install the ST DTH’s and stuff in the first place and I now struggling to understand what this instruction in the installation instructions actually means:

*On your mobile, navigate to the martketplace ‐> my apps, and you can now install the “netatmo connect” smart app*

What is “marketplace” (netatmo, android, or smarthings?), and do I navigate to it in android, netatmo app, or ST app? Cant find it anywhere :frowning: and don’t understand this step. I have not found any place for smart apps in the ST app.

Can someone help?