[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station

I had the same detailview screen/dashboard screen this morning. I updated to latest code and the outdoor module works fine now. Are you sure you have update and publish the new DHTs?

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The oddities of SmartThings … Hours of waiting, I did nothing, I come back after a dinner to watch the cel after 3 hours … Now everything ok. I could have wasted hours updating, re-updating, cursing and re-updating … In the end it was enough to wait :blush:

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Same here, works & looks good!

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@cscheiene OK I ran into the following problems.

  1. Wind shows only battery
  2. Rain shows only battery
  3. Outdoor only shows temp, battery and humidity
  4. Indoor only temp and humidity.

I updated to the latest code. Any ideas?

What’s the version ID listed under settings of the devices in the app?

If you see in the posts above there are several things you can try. Just wait, it can take some time for the settings to take affect. Force close the app, change the name in the IDE (not the label), remove and add the devices.

Indoor Module Version 070920
Outdoor Module 070920
Wind Module 070920
Rain Module 070920

Never mind all working now. Thank you for the support.

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@cscheiene Would you have any idea why the battery doesn’t show on my outside module? I have been using the stock DTH, because if I use yours it shows in the IOS app, but not available in other smart apps. Or should I say sometimes not available.

Yes, because the stock DH does not support battery.

Not sure what you mean by not available in other smartapps, but if you are thinking about the Sensor capability I can add that back in.

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I am finding the following with your DTH. It doesn’t seem to be reporting, the last time the outside module reported was 6:25PM yesterday and it is now 9:26AM the next morning. What I mean by not showing in ST is that when I go to select the device in another smart app like ActionTiles the module isn’t on the list. The only way to get it to show is by changing to the ST DHT, then once found change again. The not reporting is more important.

I just noticed it is all modules that are not reporting since yesterday evening.

UPDATE: I was able to get it working, by regenerating the secret and the ID. Don’t understand why this was necessary, but I have a hunch ST did something during migration to new IOS app.

I don’t use action tiles, but do you see the other netatmo devices? I have now added the sensor capability that was missing, some smartapps use that to select devices.

That did the trick. Thank you.

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@cscheiene I just received an update and everything now works. I did notice that the Wind Module shows no wind speed but direction. Look at the screenshot I am providing. Is this an ST limitation?

There is an issue displaying float numbers on Dashboard on iOS devices. I hope this will be fixed soon by ST team

Thanks, there are lots of little bugs needing fixing. And I don’t mean in this Smart App.

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So I cannot find Netatmo Weather station, modules, etc. in the new ST app with the exception to its thermostat. Is it supported in the new app? Am I just missing it?

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You need to install the Smartapp and DHTs.
Read the first post of this thread.

I used to have it in there, but I removed it due to some other issues. For now you have to add it manually

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Ok, no problem for add manually. But, only for my information, what problem do you have whit this add?

Hello everybody.

I just migrated from Google Assistant to SmartThings and to my surprise Netatmo integration seems to be a bit of a pain… I was expecting an easy process but to me it isn’t such as I’m having trouble to get this to work.

Is there an updated guide that I can follow? I followed the guide on the first page step by step but when I select the Netatmo App within Smarttthings/Apps in order to install the newly created app, it asks for authentication and leads me to a blank white page with a ‘‘done’’ button at the top right corner. When I proceed and click that one, nothing happens - it returns to the previous page. It also says timezone is not set and as a result I’m not able to find any of my devices under ‘‘things’’. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!