[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station

@kcdk99 Currently custom capabilities are broken. They stopped displaying for me as well. ST is working on a fix, so the best thing is just to wait.

I will update here when it startes working again. I will will also publish a new version once it starts working and I can confirm some changes I have done

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Ah, thank you. I did see that post and didn’t realize it was related.

Today I did receive a gift from the heavens (rain) and found out that the standard values (units, rainday, rainhour, etc.) available in webCoRE are actually feeding me data, so I’m able to use those for my purposes.


with the new update, in the new ST App i only get temp and moisture.
Should i do something or is not availble right now?
I missing CO2 at least.


my work fine. Try to reconnect in ST

I could use advice, I have doubles in my device handler list. Notice the basestation difference.

MY outdoor module is working well and i get update in both apps but my indoor module is ony good in the classic app. In the new app it says “Offline” and only give me temp and moisture. How do i reconect? Tks

Everyone, custom VID and capabilites are still broken. I will release a new version with some updates when I get everything working again


Hey, could you take a minute and check my posts from this morning (a few posts up from here) and give me guidance? I’d really appreciate it.

@withay Just try to delete them. It won’t let you delete if it’s in use. Make sure if you are upgrading to a new version of the device handler /Smartapp that you paste over the existing one and not create a new one every time.

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I deleted one of each double, and since I can’t remember when I last did something, I’m going to go ahead and update them all (the way you said).

I would actually wait until the problems with the new capabilities are sorted out. If you still want to test, make sure to update both DH and Smartapp

LOL I read it after I updated! And yes, I updated all of them, thanks!

Dear @cscheiene, do you think in the future try to make a DH and smartapp for netatmo security? I have a Presence cam Netatmo, and for this I ask you :slight_smile:

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Just setup my new Base and Outdoor unit and everything seems to work fine. Thank you for the great work! Now waiting for my rain module to arrive…lost in mail…maybe due to budget cut (USPS) :stuck_out_tongue:

Just tried to add a new indoor module today, it shows up ok in “select device” list in Netatmo (Connect) SmartApp and I select it, but after that it dosn´t show up as new device. Is it another bug because of the new SmartThings platform is changing or what?

It should install the device. Have you installed and published the DH for the additional module?

Your´re just right, stupid me I forgot that. Installed DTH and added like a charm :slight_smile: thank you

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New version of SmartApp and DTH uploaded. Still in beta so it might not work or break something

To get the changes to take effect, try changing the name (not the label) for the device in the IDE

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Thanks! The outdoor module DTH appears as a thermostat in the new app… Reads temp fine but also has “set temp”, “state”, “thermostat mode” and “fan mode”… and no values such as humidity and dewpoint… The wind/rain and additional module appear okay although I’ve not dug in to deeply…

Make sure everything is updated to the latest version.

The new app does not handle updates to device handlers very well. To force the changes you can try this: In the IDE, go to the device and edit the name (not the label) to anything you want and save it. This usually triggers the new app to read the new updates.

If this does not help you might have to remove and add the device again.