[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station

Thanks. I thought I had but I installed the wrong DH. Resolved that now. Is there wa way to trigger a switch when a set threshold of rain has fallen within the last 24 hours?

Thanks so much!
It works like a charm!

If you have the time, can you please update the wind & rain module as well in order to work with new ST? Is it possible?

Thanks once again

This is a little more complicated since it requires custom capabilities. But I already have the rain module working. But I need to change some stuff before I release it. Will let you know

@Panos I have uploaded the new rain dh. Update the DH and Smartapp.

Remember, this is very beta :grin:

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That’s great!
I will update the current DH with the new one

Thank you!
I update with repository Smartapp and DH. Save and pubblic but this is the situation. Is correct?

In the home i read the %batteri not the mm of rain.

In chronology, i see different mm rain. The total is correct, but the time is very different.
the netatmo app detected rain this night, the smartapp only this morning. Maybe because it is the update time of the DH and SmartApp in my ST Hub?
I don’t want to criticize you, but perhaps useful reports for your great job

No, you probably have to delete and install you rain module from Smartthings. Also there is a new update out on Github

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Great, now work fine

I tried out the latest release.
(1) On rain module everything seems great except for the measurement type that is missing (mm)

(2) Regarding the wind module, I have nothing to be appeared except for the battery level.

(3) Rain and Wind modules has the same droplet icon

The indicator (3 red lines) on top left of the droplet icon should be active only where rain or strong wind were detected. In other case the icon should be faded out. I know this is a beta, but I mentioned it just in case :innocent:

Thank you @cscheiene for dedicating your time developing this.
Much appreciated!!

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This is bug, Smartthings is aware and working on it.

The Wind module is not ready yet. I uploaded a test version by mistake. I will let you know when its ready

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Yes, the same idea today not rain, but I have the 3 red line.

Thank you @cscheiene for your hard work :muscle:

Thanks for your feedback.

The icon was just for test, it’s actually for the water leak sensor. I don’t have any control over it without adding some capabilities that don’t belong in this DH. I’m hoping that we can use some custom icons soon.

@Panos @Diegocampy

New version of Smartapp and windmodule uploaded.

Some known issues: Units wont display, gust and windangle wont display on the detailView


I just updated to the latest code. Thanks!
The icon was reverted to default one.

You probably have to delete and add the device. It should display windspeed and angle on the main page

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Okay, I removed and I added again the module.
This is what I’m getting now

Is it possible to add beaufort scale as wind speed measurement?

You should also see windspeed on the dashboard. At least I am.

It’s possible, but I will focus on getting existing stuff work first


I hope you are doing well!
I’m currently working on webCoRe piston and at this time,I can export wind speed and wind angle from the wind gauge.
Can you please consider adding the wind cardinal direction as capability?


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Yes its coming :slight_smile:


@cscheiene - Thanks for the awesome work on this. I was recently forced over to the new app, and among the many things that were broken was my Netatmo rain measurement, which I used to control my watering. I lost RainSumDay and RainSumHour. Tried to use rainday and rainhour, but I don’t seem to be getting any data.

So, I installed your new SmartApp and DH, but the rain module isn’t updating for me, and I still only have battery displaying. I tried to delete Netatmo (Connect) Modified in the new ST App to do a reinstall per your prior post. I get a confirmation, but it never goes away. So, I’m stuck and not sure what I need to do to get this updated. I would prefer to update without reinstalling, because then I’ll have to swap out all my devices in my weCoRE routines (which is a LOT since I use my indoor and outdoor modules in many places).

I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks in advance for your time!