[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station

Make sure you have copied everyting correctly. Click the raw button when you copy the app. Here is a direct link https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cscheiene/SmartThings-cscheiene/master/smartapps/cscheiene/netatmo-connect-modified.src/netatmo-connect-modified.groovy

After creating the make sure you fill in client id/secret and serverUrl

Thanks, it works now!

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Can you please add the capability “Sensor” entry on the Netatmo Basestation module DHT?
I was trying to create a webCoRe piston with this module, but it was not available on the list.

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I had removed it by mistake. I had already put it back in, but forgot to upload it. Should be ok now

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Any good news?:slight_smile:

Thank you for the great job.

I add in the Device Handlers after this: capability “Thermostat”

after last "capability to add the possibility to ask at Google Home the temperature.
capability “Temperature Measurement”
capability “Sensor”
capability “Carbon Dioxide Measurement”
capability “Relative Humidity Measurement”
capability “Sound Pressure Level”
capability “Sound Sensor”
capability “Refresh”
capability “Health Check”

If you have other solution to use with google home let me know.
unfortunately the problem remains of not being able to ask for humidity, ppm or pressure, and in google home you will see all these sensors as thermostats

I’ve been able to make it work, my only concern right now is on my dashboard, both sensor do not show the temperature, they are just saying waiting on status… please see photo, sorry it’s in french as I am in Montreal Canada:)

I have the same issue on Netatmo and many other devices. If I change my phone system language to english it works, when I change it back to Norwegian it stops working.

So try changing your phone language to english. If it works, please report this to Smartthings so we can get it fixed. It’s only on Android, IOS works fine

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Ooooh you’re right, I’ve changed it from FR to EN and it worked !

I will report it to ST for sure !!

and… Thanks for the amazing integration you’ve done !!!

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the same for Italian language…

:worried: Please report this to Smartthings, hopefully they can fix this soon

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I have created the smart app and see it in smartthings with the 3 netatmo devices connected. Beyond that have no reference to any information from Netatmo in smartthings app. Any clues on what I may be missing here?

Did you install and publish all the DH?

Custom VID and capabilities are now released. I dont have much time at the moment, but have started to explore this. I have updated the basestation and additional module with custom VID. You can update and give it a try. You might have to remove and add the devices for the change to take affect

Dear @cscheiene Custom VID and capabilities are now released. What should I find different? It is not clear to me. Thank you

More capabilities are now displayed in the new app. Also temperature is set as default for the dashboard view for main and additional module. Later on it should be possible to also display status for the wind and rain module.

Great!!! works fine

Yes, now i can see the % off umidity. Great, but what if I want to see the temperature? I’ts possible?

Not sure what you mean? On the dashboard? You probably have to remove and add the device for it to take all the settings

Yes now work Fine! Fantastic!!!Thank You