[MODIFIED] Netatmo Weather Station

Remove the devices. Remove the DH completely. Install the new DH and then re-add the modules.

Okay, I did that and it added CO2 measurements in the new app. Nothing for sound.

You are correct - the air purifiers can only clean other particles (dust and other airborne particules).
What I have learned is that the level or CO2 in the air is a good proxy of the concentration of other airborne particles ( see here https://www.researchgate.net/publication/271732381_Is_CO2_a_good_proxy_for_indoor_air_quality_in_classrooms_Part_1_The_interrelationships_between_thermal_conditions_CO2_levels_ventilation_rates_and_selected_indoor_pollutants) which is why i wanted this automation to work! :slight_smile:
For now, i am using IFTTT to make it work but if would have been good to use smartthings instead (without bothering going through webcore).

@cscheiene - Is that possible to change the default value on the tile to the temperature? How to do that in the code? (i would like to do it for another device)

Same here, probably an app issue.

I dont get the sound tile either, are you on iOS or android?

If you install the new DH and get it to display co2 in the new app, you can use the built automations in the new app for co2

Usually changing or adding ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.thermostat" to the metadata would add a temperature icon and temp value on the main tile. But when I now created the new DH, I could not get that to work

I run Android.

Me to, I guess @Panos is on IOS? Maybe thats why its working for him?

Yes! Correct, I’m on IOS

Yep thanks, that works now :slight_smile: I also see the chart which is weird - maybe a timing issue? e.g. it takes a bit of time for it to load?
It might just be the app, I know it is a little weird… For example, the humidity indicator will stay stuck on the left when i open the sensor screen (as per the screenshot below) and adjust automatically a few minutes later.

Thanks a lot! I am also asking because now for me, the app shows the wrong icon, displaying the Humidity reading instead of either the CO2 or the temp (it used to show the temperature with a nice little temperature icon).

Example - My Weather station on the left used to look like the Thermostat on the right.

Confirmed the sound tile is working on my IPad.

I know, I’m trying to figure out how to do this without breaking the other stuff. Hopefully the ST team will provide more information soon.

Charts suddenly started to work here as well

@flotueur @cscheiene

No luck for me.
The chart still does not work
I’m wondering if this is IOS/Android OS related issue, as well

Really nice to have the co2 shown, thanks for the update. I hope you can get the icon and reading fixed back to temp. :slight_smile:

The IOS graphs looks nice, on Android I have bar chart instead of line chart which is visually not that good, but better than nothing.

I have a problem with webcore, though. I cannot add the basestation sensor to webcore anymore. I had the basestation setup with webcore and assistant relay so that my Google Home would broadcast a voice warning if the co2 levels went too high.

I tried to add the sensor again from webcore settings, but the basestation is not visible in any of the lists, so I cannot add it. Wondering if there is anyway to fix that?

Sorry, forgot the add the Sensor capability back inn. Will do it on the next update. But you should be able to add it if you go to capability group 3 in webcore and add it as a temp sensor

Got it, thanks!

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